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Avoid vandalism and broken glass - install Hammerglass unbreakable glass solutions
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Cetab South Africa at Railway & Ports at Johannesburg, March 2015
Cetab South Africa participates in “Railway & Ports”-South Africa and Zambia, organized by Business Sweden and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Johannesburg March 2-3/2015.

Cetab South Africa is presenting Hammerglass for the train industry to reduce vandalism, broken windows thus creating a secure environment.

Digger driver narrowly avoids serious injury 
In a workplace accident outside Stavanger in Norway, a digger driver experienced a direct hit by a 200 kg rock on the A-pillar of his cab. The accident occurred while dealing with boulders after blasting, when a large rock first got stuck and then smashed violently again the cab. The A-pillar took the brunt of the blow, but the bonded front screen in 8 mm Hammerglass (not RABS) was also hit by the boulder. The pillar was bent and the right side screen in hardened glass was shattered. The front screen coped with the blow and prevented the driver from being hit by glass splinters.

- If the machine had been equipped with an RABS frame holding 12 mm Hammerglass, we can say with great certainty that the driver would have emerged unharmed, even if the windscreen had taken a direct hit, says Hammerglass MD Bengt Nilsson. We've conducted extensive testing simulating extreme stresses of this type, and the important thing is that the screen has always stayed put, securely bolted into its RABS frame.

View the movie from the FOPS-test - click here
Explosion protection / mining protection for most machines
Specially adapted frames with 12 mm Hammerglass which meets the Swedish Work Environment Authority requirements for driver protection in the toughest environments (Protection Class 3):
About Hammerglass

Hammerglass is a durable abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass - and virtually unbreakable. With their unique coating, Hammerglass sheets are resistant to most chemicals and acids. The coating also provides a UV protection of 99.96% so that the glass will not become cloudy, bleached or otherwise aged over time.

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