Protection for Digital Signage 

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Perfect for Media Solutions
When displaying information at an outdoor location in public, a Digital Signage protection solution is needed that withstands everything from the weather to vandals.
Hammerglass is an unbreakable, specially developed polycarbonate, with a unique surface coating, that is extensively used for both indoor and outdoor protection of electronic information displays. Hammerglass can be supplied with either a painted or screen printed passe-partout, if required.
Hammerglass Single 10 mm with white passe-partout (to the right). Hammerglass applied as outdoor monitor protection on electronic information display units. A total amount of 30 units were delivered among others to the city of Roskilde and Zoologiske Have in Denmark.

Stockholm Central Station

Hammerglass screens 8 mm with partially painted/coated back, mounted in front of information displays.

Curved or angled corners, pre-cut holes or other processing present no problems for Hammerglass. We can perform CNC machining to produce the exact measurement you require for your unbreakable Hammerglass solution. For larger production series it is possible to screen/print a black edge before applying the extreme silicon oxide hard surface. Hammerglass can also be produced in coloured glass.

All year round
For security all year round in cold and exposed environments, here at the City of Åre in the North of Sweden.
What is Hammerglass?
Hammerglass is a durable abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass - and virtually unbreakable. With their unique coating, Hammerglass sheets are resistant to most chemicals and acids. The coating also provides a UV protection of 99.96% so that the glass will not become cloudy, bleached or otherwise age over time
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